Bill Murray Was Here.

Eat and Drink, travel

I just want to start this post off by saying that this past weekend I was able to check something off my bucket list:

  • Lost in Translation Bar 


Yes, I went to New York Bar from Lost in Translation and it was magical, but we’ll get to that in a little bit.

An old friend/former coworker/previous classmate that I have known for 13 years or so came to Japan with a group of friends. I was so glad that we both found time to meet up and catch up a bit after 6ish years of not seeing each other. We met up near the Hachiko Statue at Shibuya Station and began our little adventure.

Tokyo was very cold that day, with even a few snow flurries dancing around in the frigid breeze between the rain. It was a perfect day to grab a hot cup of coffee, so that’s exactly what we decided to do. My friend had a couple of spots in mind nearby that he had been wanting to check out. Armed with his navigation and my umbrella wet set off to the first spot.

The first place we tried was called About Life Coffee Brewers. A small coffee stand on a corner in Shibuya. A bit away from the hustle of the shuffle, it was a nice place to start with a good selection of beans from different roasters and regions.

Next we hit up Good People & Good Coffee, tucked away in the Meguro Ward. I loved this coffee shop. I’d say the interior was fairly spacious compared to others in Japan, and the decor was fresh, hip and welcoming. I didn’t catch his name, but the barista behind the counter was very friendly and inviting.

After wandering around back in Shibuya, and being unable to decide on what to eat, my friend decided to check in with his group of friends that he had been traveling with. A few of them were nearby so we met up, shopped around a bit, grabbed some Kin-no-torikara (delicious boneless fried chicken) and then decided we were ready to hit New York Bar in Shinjuku, the famous Lost in Translation Bar where Charlotte and Bob Harris meet.

Located inside the Park Hyatt on the 52nd floor, this swanky bar definitely felt like I stepped into the movie. Unfortunately, Sausalito was not playing. Lost in Translation has been one of my favorite movies for years, and was responsible for piquing my interest in Japan as a teen. Now here I am.

With views of the Tokyo Tower and Cocoon Tower, the Tokyo skyline backdrop is breathtaking at night from this bar.


Needless to say, I had a wonderful day in Tokyo. It was so great to spend some time with my friend, and meet his. For me, that’s what life is about. To share memories with good people in places that speak to your soul.