Green Stand Chu-Hi Stand in The Honch

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I always like keeping an eye out for fresh new local establishments. A few months ago a new chu-hi stand opened in The Honch, near Yokosuka Naval Base. Well, if you know me, then you know I enjoy a good chu-hi.

Green Stand definitely catches your eye as you walk by. The glass exterior and vintage type face takes me back to some of the little independent boutiques and pubs in the hipster neighborhoods of San Diego. The interior is cozy, and offers seating at the bar, pub tables and couches. This bar is definitely great if you just want to kick back and chill, or chat.

As I’m typing this, Green Stand has 36 available flavors of chu-hi, with your choice of syrup or juice. They also allow you to mix and match. I really like mixing pineapple and coconut. They also offer other interesting flavors such as Mountain Dew, Calpis, Lychee, and Yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit). The bartenders are friendly, welcoming and attentive.

The pricing isn’t the cheapest that you’ll find in the Honch, but still reasonable. Depending on the flavor and strength of the drink you choose, you’ll be looking at between ¥400 to ¥1000. They offer snacks at the bar, but do not have a food menu.

If chu-hi isn’t your thing, they also offer a full bar and hookah!

Here’s their Facebook page: Green Stand Yokosuka

See below for a map to their location.


I took these pictures with my phone on a night out with some girl friends. I promise to go back and take better photos with my big girl camera and update this post with them!