Gearing up for TAIPEI!


We’re 24 days out from our trip to Taiwan. This will be my husband and my first trip together outside the U.S. We didn’t even travel to Japan together. Technically this is our honeymoon trip since time and finances didn’t allow us to take one after we got married. Better late than never, right?

Since Asia is so accessible to us for the next couple of years we’ve decided to make it a priority to see as much of it as possible. It’s definitely very different living abroad and trying to travel. It has pros and cons, but I definitely feel like I’m kind of on vacation everyday here in Japan since there’s always new sights to see. Actually, Japan is very seasonal. Since I was raised in a desert that basically had two seasons, hot AF and cold AF, I am fascinated by the varieties of plants and flowers that appear each month.

Anyway, let me get back on track here. Traveling around Asia, yes. Both my husband and I actually didn’t have a passport until a few weeks ago, surprisingly enough. Now i’m sure you’re asking, “how did you get to Japan then?”. My husband was able to travel to Japan on his military ID and I received a government issued passport that only allows me into Japan.

So in order to get a passport, we had to make and appointment and visit the US Embassy here in Tokyo. The process was quick and painless and allowed us to spend the day in Tokyo for some fun.We also received our passports in the mail about two weeks later.

I booked our flight with VanillaAir through Skyscanner, and started looking for places to stay. I was originally going to go with AirBNB, but decided to book a hotel through since we may arrive into the city a bit late.

I have a huge list of things that I want to see, do and eat, but I am going to try to stay as open minded and flexible as possible.

Once we get back from Taipei, I want to focus on taking more day and weekend trips in Japan. There’s still so much that I haven’t seen.

On another note, I have been spending my time at home listening to a few podcasts to inspire, educate and get the creative juices flowing. My two favorites right now are The Budget Minded Traveler and The Travel Bite.


2 thoughts on “Gearing up for TAIPEI!

  1. Oh wow. Being stationed in Japan sounds great! Believe you would have gone round Japan much!
    Taiwan, well it will be slightly different. Lots of night markets to eat. If you have a soft spot for street food then Taiwan it is!

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    1. I try to get out and explore Japan as much as possible. But definitely still have much to see. I love street food and am sooo excited to explore the night markets in Taipei (already dreaming of beef noodle soup). Thanks for commenting! 💚

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